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Chinglish X

Chinglish X is a platform to facilitate communication between English speakers and Chinese speakers, and English companies and Chinese companies. Users or companies set their language (English or Simplified Chinese) and everything is translated automatically including real time chats.

Chinglish X is a website, PWA app, Android and IOS app. We have developed a mobile-first PWA app which effectively consolidates the most popular features of major social apps: Chat, blogs, and social groups.

The Chinglish X web app uses the latest technologies and was developed as a PWA (Progressive Web App), and is designed to load quickly and efficiently, and minimize bandwidth use on cell phones. The app is modularized and modules are downloaded as needed, most data is stored in the browser. The app functions as a phone app, but can be downloaded with a browser, and works like a native phone app. PWA apps are modular, and bug fixes and new features can be released incrementally such that the newer version of the app is automatically available to all users without any user intervention, making for a much better user experience.

Check it out at https://pwa.chinglishx.com

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