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iHotTonight Android App almost ready for Beta Testing

First look at the iHotTonight.com Android cell phone application. The iHotTonight.com Android cell phone application is being readied for BETA testing. I expect that BETA testing will begin this weekend. We are leaving out a couple of features for BETA testing, even though the code is complete.

Feature list:

  • Map Search is faster than ever
  • Many, many categories to filter results with (over 100)
  • Help button on almost every screen
  • Many setup options
  • Find, join and leave groups with one button click (sometimes a confirmation button click also :).
  • Businesses that have iHot Messages are flagged with Gold markers on the map
  • iHot Messages are VERY visible in the detail screens
  • Most Map options can be changed from the map using the map menu


Here are some screen shots:




Other screen shots are available here : Other screen shots

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