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Android App Share

Android App Share is currently in BETA testing. We've heard the complaints of hundreds of Android developers complaining about the Android Market, and it's total lack of normal functions for developers. Simple things like being able to respond to user comments, one star ratings that make no sense, and other developers or pirate sites using the comments for spamming. We shared those sentiments, and we've decided to do something about it. The result is Android App Share.

Android App Share was built from the simple idea that ratings and comments are much more useful for users if the people rating the apps actually know what they are talking about. We also built Android App Share to empower developers to present their applications to users in the way they want to do it.

Here are the main functions of Android App Share:



  • Ratings and comments are clearly marked as developer or user
  • Most ratings and comments will be from other developers
  • Developers can add their comment to EVERY rating and comment to explain the solution or informing users of a fix coming
  • App description fields are 1024 characters (compared to 325 for the Android Market)
  • Developers can easily add "Android App Share" to their own applications
  • An HTML widget will be available for developers to add "Android App Share" to their websites with a few lines of code.
  • Every time a developers' app or website shows other apps, the developer will be credited with 9/10 of a view (most page views will be 30 apps, so a developer that shows one page would receive 27 credits, meaning that for every page they show, their app will show up 27 times in other pages)
  • Android App Share uses the same categories as Android Market except that it can also include subcategories making it MUCH easier for users to find apps they want.
  • Develops can use subcategories to very effectively target their "app views" to users that are looking for apps with those functions
  • Oh.. here's a great point... everything is FREE, for developers and users... It's a good price :).
  • Our web services are open. Want to create an app for "Android App Share"... great... we'll even share some code if you want. All the code will be published at some point

Android App Share is in BETA right now, but our first application to use it will be released in the market by October 10th, 2010 at the latest. We will also be releasing a stand alone Android App Share in the market and that will be before the end of October, 2010.

We'd like to encourage Android developers to sign up (there's a checkbox to check when you register on this site). Signing up doesn't obligate you to anything and we DO NOT SEND ANY SPAM. Currently, our plans are that developers will have to sign up to have their apps appear in Android App Share, but that may change in the future, and we may start pulling app information from the market. BUT.. this won't change... if you sign up to Android App Share, you will be credited with 1,000 App views. Note that you will not be able to use those credits until you have rated several other applications. Currently, your app will need to available on the Android Market, you need to add it to Android App Share, and rate at least 20 other applications (or 20% of the apps currently registered in Android App Share, whichever is MORE) to qualify to get the credits. The qualifications are a moving target however, and may change frequently as more apps are added (right now we're BETA testing with only 3 apps of our own). Check back here for updates. We will be adding a bunch more documentation in the coming weeks.

We have also added a forum for discussing Android App Share (one public and one for only registered developers), so please ask your questions there, so the answers will be available to others.We'd love to hear your comments, questions, concerns or feature requests... REALLY!

There are many more features and options planned for Android App Share. We will document them as soon as we have a few minutes.



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