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Exception Logger Management - Current Version # : 2 (0.9.5 RC1)
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Download the latest version of Exception Logger (Exception Logger Latest)
Just want the documentation? (Get the PDF file)

What the Exception Logger does:
When properly setup the Exception Logger logs ALL unhandled Exceptions in your Android app. The fields it logs are below:
  • Insert Time - Time and Date the exception was logged
  • Developer Key - Used to sort your exceptions (and make sure nobody else can see them)
  • Application Name - If you have multiple applications, you can sort on this
  • Activity Name - the activity that generated the exception
  • Function Name - if you setup your app to use this, it will log the name of the function that generated the exception
  • Application Version - the integer version number from your manifest file
  • Device Type - The alphanumeric string from the Android framework (android.os.Build.MODEL)
  • Exception Logger Version - so you know if you are using the latest version of our API
  • SDK Version - The integer version of the Android SDK the device is running (android.os.Build.VERSION.SDK_INT)
  • Android Id - the Android unique Id. You can sort by it to see the exceptions happening to each user
  • Email Address - if the user chose to send it
  • Extras - The Extras field is a varchar(255) of whatever your application set it too. Use it to send additional debugging information
  • IP Address - the IP Address logged by our server. May be helpful in some cases
  • Stacktrace - the complete stack trace at the time the exception occurred

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