The Android Exception Logger is a free tool for Android developers to log exceptions in their apps, and get a detailed list of the unhandled exceptions their app is generating.

Here a list of the current and planned features for it:

  • Log all unhandled exceptions.
  • Exception entries can include the name of the last function called in your code, a stacktrace, the user SDK version, your software version, and the Android Id.
  • The Test Developer key is limited to a few hundred log entries a day.
  • The Prod Developer key is unlimited
  • The basic report will show all fields logged and allow you to view the last 100 entries in chronological descending order
  • (Planned) Allow sorting and grouping of the errors by exception type, SDK version etc.
  • (Planned) For non-internet enabled apps build a system to allow logging via email (will require the user to approve).
  • (Planned) Allow developers to get an email listing their latest exceptions
  • (Planned) Figure out how to pay for this ;)
  • (Planned) Figure out even better methods to get approval from the user for the developer to contact them

The BETA version of the Exception Logger is available by clicking on the "Developer/Exception Logger Manager" Link in the main menu (to the left).