The Country State Extension for Joomla allows websites to add drop down select boxes to their user interfaces for entering countries, states or provinces. Not using Joomla? Registered users can generate and download the SQL statements to insert the countries and states into their own databases and use it with any website.


Users registered with this website can freely download the Country State Extension or MySQL, MSSQL compatible SQL code and it is always free to use for test or development websites. Use of the extension or the SQL code for a public website is only $2 per website.


The Country State extension is in use on right now. You can view it on the top right of almost every page on the site. We have not packaged it for general public release yet, but if you are looking for this functionality please register with our website, and send me a private message from your profile page. I'll put you on the list to be notified when I have installation ready. Thank you.