Bistro Blurb has been our main project for several months now. It seems it is a never ending project as new features are constantly being added. Bistro Blurb uses web robots, 8 MySQL databases, Joomla 1.5, and approximately 6 custom extensions (just one of the extensions comprises 6 different views and a total of over 60 files).

Bistro Blurb is a restaurant review and Foodie gathering place. It aggregrates Food Blogs, allows restaurant owners to customize their restaurants' display, allows users to vote on restaurants (like or don't like), submit ratings or full reviews. For users there are groups, friends, private messaging, Facebook style walls, personal blogs, and lots of other social features.

One of the cool things we are in the process of building is a custom .pdf creator which will allow users to print customized coupons and other items. Restaurant owners can customize coupons and either print them to hand out to their customers, or allow Bistro Blurb users to print them.

Check it out at :