I just finished the first draft of Maadili World. Note that it's not ready for prime time yet. It's just on the internet so we can have our data entry people work on getting the data in, without having to come to the office. We still need a design team to make it look great.

Maadili World is based on a book by Nicolai Peitersen called "The Ethical Economy". Nicolai is a Danish economist who worked for the Danish Central Bank, and later Morgan Stanley in London. He moved to Chengdu, Sichuan, China, and I happened to meet him walking in a park in Southwest Chengdu one day a little over a year ago.

Although the book is several years old now, a Chinese version was just published in 2014. The book talks about how the valuation of companies has changed over the years. Companies used to be valued on their sales, and their brick and mortar assets (ie... their profits and the value of their salable assets). That started to change when companies began building brands, and outsourcing and distributed manufacturing became the norm. Now, companies like Apple (currently the highest valued company in the world), own few if any factories but are valued highly.

In the world of social networking, a new factor was added to how companies are valued: Their Ethical Values. People in the green movement have been particularly effective at changing company values by boycotting polluters and buying from non-polluters. Ethical value investing has become main stream, and there is little doubt that the publics' perception of a companys ethical values affect both their sales and their valuation in the stock market.

Maadili World is our attempt at quantifying and measuring ethical values worldwide and feeding that information to companies so that they can better adjust their business practices to reflect the ethical values of their consumers, shareholders, lenders and the general public.

We believe strongly that companies who want to prosper need to continually adjust their ethical practices, and we feel that Maadili World will give the people a voice, and the companies the information they need to improve.