Approximately two weeks ago (as of early Feb, 2011) we started work on a major project. It will most likely become an all consuming project for at least 6 months. The project is a website, Android App and supporting services for MaxHomeValue is new entry into the home renovations market and we expect it will become a major player in the industry over the next 2 years or so.

MaxHomeValue gives Home Owners the ability to find good, reliable contractors for any project they have involving home renovations. The Home Owner can manage the project themselves or MaxHomeValue will manage it for them. Contractors can bid on projects, manage them and easily communicate with the Home Owner.

We've already started putting up publicly available information and Homeowners, Contractors looking for work, Realtors and the other group can register although the other account management features will not be available for a little over a month from now.

Check the MaxHomeValue site out, and let us know what you think about it! Just remember... it will be a work in progress until at least the middle of May, 2011.